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Antica Residenza Monti Rome
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Home Apartments Services Location Video Tour Virtual Tour FAQ's

The beauty of our tourist apartments is that you get everything you need without the usual array of tourist gimmicks. We provide the luxurious, fully realized apartments and the incomparably superb location.

From there, you fill in the blanks. Need a tour? We can help you set that up. Need dinner? You have a kitchen!

A short-let apartment stay means you’ll probably be with us in Rome long enough to settle into some kind of routine. In that sense, the best service we think we can provide you is the kind of tasteful, second-nature comfort we all associate with home.

As you walk to or from your apartment through Rome’s historical center, this is what you’ll feel. At Antica Residenza Monti Rome, it won’t just be your temporary apartment near the Colosseum, but your home.

A better view of our services can be seen on our Virtual Tour and Video Tours. You can also book now by visiting our Online Reservations Center.



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Antica Residenza Monti Rome

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