Antica Residenza Monti Rome - FAQs - This is your go-to-source for some answers about our short-let apartments in Rome.
Antica Residenza Monti Rome
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Home Apartments Services Location Video Tour Virtual Tour FAQ's

Is the Antica Residenza Monti a hotel?
No, we are not a hotel. We provide short-let apartment rentals to visitors to Rome looking for the value for money, privacy and convenience of self catering.

Where exactly, are you located?
We are located on Via dei Serpenti, 15, in a very central part of Rome’s old city. Tucked behind the ruins of Trajan’s Market, you won’t find as many tourists walking our street as you would, say, Via Veneto. But you’ll be just as close to the big sights as anybody!

How do I reserve a room?
By visiting our Online Reservation Center. You can book any time.

Who usually stays at Antica Residenza Monti Rome?
It’s a combination of business people and tourists. Some are visiting family and some are simply staying longer to get a real feel for the city. We think life in a studio or twin apartment allows visitors, especially tourists and business people, a more organic and realistic impression of Rome. Instead of relying on a hotel, guests get to live as the Eternal City’s residents do.

What’s this about an external apartment?
Antica Residenza Monti operates one nearby apartment, the Campidoglio Apartment, which is just two blocks away from the banks of the Tiber River. The Campidoglio will give visitors an even more authentic Roman experience, as they will be in a self-catering apartment away from the rest of our tourist apartments.

How safe are the apartments?
Extremely. We make sure only guests are admitted through video security technology.

Is there a restaurant or room service?
Nope, but unlike hotels you are given a full kitchen. So just pick up some fresh ingredients at a nearby store or street market and prepare that midnight snack you’ve been craving. It will be much faster than room service anyway!



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Antica Residenza Monti Rome

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